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User Reviews

Stories From Real Women

We love sharing the PeriCoach product reviews and stories from women around the globe exercising their way to improved pelvic health.

“Coach is exactly what it [PeriCoach] did! I quickly realized (thanks to the feedback on the smartphone app) that I was doing my exercises wrong. I was able to make some adjustments during my first session and was well on my way to seeing progress just after one exercise session.“

Lauren – Atlanta, Georgia

“Intimidation fades quick. The guidance in the app keeps you motivated as you can actually see progress in your strength and endurance. So 8 weeks later, I can say for sure that my pelvic floor is stronger than ever. And I have the cool graphs in the app to show it!“

Christina – Richmond, Virginia

“I’m going to say up front that I did not use this device as often as I should have. Instead of 5 sessions a week, I averaged anywhere from 1-3 sessions a week. I want to be honest and upfront about that because results hinge on your consistency. I’m here to report that even with the struggle to remain consistent during the 8 weeks, I still noticed a change in bladder control!“

Kristen – Milwaukee, Wisconson

“Completing the 8 week challenge and no longer worrying about peeing my pants has not only affected me physically, but also emotionally. I’m more confident and I don’t find myself frustrated and embarrassed over the changes that motherhood brought my pelvic floor. I feel more like myself, and it’s affected my relationship with my husband as well. I feel like the Queen of the Castle no matter where I am or what I’m doing.“

Elizabeth – Denver, Colorado

“With a new diagnosis last year at age 67 of a mild pelvic prolapse, I have been using the PeriCoach for the past 10 months on an almost daily basis to strengthen my pelvic floor. I want to try to avoid deterioration of this condition and the possible need for surgery. So far the use of the PeriCoach has been very effective in getting my pelvic floor into really good shape and reducing previous mild symptoms from my prolapse to zero. I have no bladder or incontinence issues so on that basis my use is different. It is proving a true personal coach!“

L. Turner – Adelaide, Australia

“I’ve been using the PeriCoach for 4 months, started because I had some incontinence when jumping. I noticed improvement within weeks. It’s helped me to greater pelvic floor awareness which means I can turn on muscles when needed, great for sex too!“

Hannah W. – Sydney, Australia

“After nine years, three natural births (one forceps) and an estimated $10,000+ worth of clinical pilates, my pelvic floor strength was still 1 out of 5. My women’s health physiotherapist put me onto PeriCoach which is perfect for me, as I am a visual learner who needs immediate feedback! I have just had my three month review and my pelvic floor strength is now rated as a 3 out of 5. I am absolutely thrilled and can honestly recommend it to anyone, my sister signed up for hers last week.”

Julia – Washington

“Since using the PeriCoach I am back at the gym without the worry of wetting my pants! I no longer have accidents in pump class, I can jump on the trampoline with my children, and I don’t have to worry about stocking up on pads!”

Cate A. – Sydney, Australia

“The best part of the Pericoach is the feedback and the ability to actually visualize your strength of contractions and how long you can maintain it without the worry of counting seconds and repetitions. The app is great and is almost akin to other games available on android… appeals to our generation’s competitive nature and the desire to keep beating our highest score”

Rebecca S. – Brisbane, Australia

“I think PeriCoach is one of the best things I have ever used. I use it twice a day, and love the reminder when I’ve missed out for 24 hours. It helps me to stay motivated, and I think I have done more exercises than I would have done, due to the feedback. I have quite a weak muscle and after 3 weeks using the PeriCoach, I noticed a difference. I have a moderate prolapse, and stress urinary incontinence, and both have improved in 3 weeks.”

Anonymous – Adelaide, Australia

“PeriCoach guides my muscle strength, provides the visual to know I’m contracting appropriately. I love it; I feel wonderful.”

Penny C. – Illinois

“The Pericoach has helped me to continue an active and healthy lifestyle. Using the Pericoach for regular and consistent Kegel exercises has helped me avoid surgery for P.O.P. and eliminated the need to use a pessary.”

Louise – Illinois

“I registered my PeriCoach and started using it last night. I found it very easy to use & exercising at home is much more pleasurable than going to a physical therapy location. ”

Mary – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

“I believe It had taught me how to do pelvic floor exercises correctly. The real time feedback shows me if I am engaging the correct muscles. And now I feel confident when I am doing pelvic floor exercises without the PeriCoach that I am exercising the right muscles. I don’t think I was before I used the PeriCoach.”

P.S. – Australia

Outcomes in UI improvement may vary among users depending on clinical condition and device usage.