2802, 2016

Vaginal Weightlifting. Yes, it’s a thing. And you might want to try it.

Rosie of the blog lifestyle Round & Round Rosie explains what vaginal weightlifting is and how it can help.
1802, 2016

Getting Fit – Inside and Out

Mummy Wife Me blogger Renee walks her readers through her experience with The PeriCoach System and her journey to strengthen herself, inside and out.
1802, 2016

Kidding Around Essentials…PeriCoach

After introducing PeriCoach to her readers last year via Social Media mentions, Georgina from Kidding Around Australia, takes a more in depth look at pelvic floor muscle exercisers.
1501, 2016

Follow our #Kegelface Campaign

Do you kegel? Show us your kegel face and follow our #Kegelface Social Media campaign.
1301, 2016

Time To Squeeze So You Can Sneeze With Ease

Do you remember to do your pelvic floor muscle exercises? Are you doing them correctly? Renee of Mummy, Wife, Me discusses this and more.
1301, 2016

Three Babies and My Pelvic Floor

A weakened pelvic floor after giving birth is a reality that many women face and few discuss. Jodi discusses her own experiences in her blog, Practising Simplicity.
1301, 2016

Surprising Vagina Facts

Count on Cosmopolitan to enumerate the 11 things we never knew a vagina can do. PeriCoach appears in number four, "It can get stronger."
1301, 2016

Incontinence Sufferers to Access Government Funds for Device

Matt Birney from Business News Western Australia discusses Analytica's efforts to reduce the cost of the PeriCoach for women in Australia.
1301, 2016

Ladies It’s Time to Talk About Your Pelvic Floor

Mrs. Tink walks us through her experience with The PeriCoach system, from why she needs it, to when she started using it, to the kinds of results she saw.
1301, 2016

Analytica – Pioneering e-Health

Analytica CEO Geoff Daly discuss with Australian Manufacturing Technology (AMT) how the PeriCoach system works and how it can be a vital tool for combating and preventing urinary incontinence.