“Being a mother of 3 and a gynaecologist I understand the importance of maintaining my pelvic floor muscle strength. Performing pelvic floor exercises can be difficult and a bit tedious. The PeriCoach device allows the user to progress in their pelvic floor training programme giving gradually harder exercises as the muscle strength improves. The device allows a comparison with previous exercise sessions which is a great way to monitor progress. I found the PeriCoach comfortable and simple to use, being able to record my own improvement was a great incentive for me to keep practising. I certainly recommend this device to my patients and colleagues.”

Dr. Lynsey Hayward, Gynaecologist, New Zealand

“The PeriCoach is a great device for my patients who have difficulty feeling a contraction without internal feedback. It has increased compliance and accountability in my patients. I intend to keep it in my practice, my Medicare patients love it!”

Dawn Sandalcidi, Women’s Health Physical Therapist, US

“My test of a new product is how comfortable and enthusiastic I am, and I found PeriCoach easy to talk about.”

Maeve Whelan, MSc SMISCP, Dublin Ireland

“With PeriCoach, treatment is professional, and empowering!”

Beth Shelly, Women’s Health Physical Therapist, US

“Love PeriCoach – very light and comfortable, easy to use. I can see a real role for it in sexual rehab as well as incontinence.”

Michelle Lyons, Women’s Health Specialist, UK

“PeriCoach is one of the better home pelvic floor muscle training systems I’ve seen. It is easy to use and calibrate and the probe was comfortable.”

Tracy Sher, Women’s Health Physical Therapist, US

“With PeriCoach, my patient is now doing daily pelvic floor exercises and her muscle function is improving. I can also follow her progress from on my iPad, which is very clever.”

Wendy Brown, Physiotherapist, UK

“PeriCoach is a user-friendly biofeedback tool that allows women to practice isolating pelvic floor muscle contractions in the comfort of their homes. Some women have difficulty voluntarily contracting the pelvic floor muscles, but having the tactile input of the sensor is valuable. The app is fun and super easy to use!”

Dustienne Miller, Women’s Health Physical Therapist, US