What makes PeriCoach better?

What sets PeriCoach apart from others is that it’s a registered medical device developed in conjunction with Women’s Health Specialists.

Since its initial release to market, there have been a couple of other pelvic floor exercise devices launched, which is great because it signifies the increased awareness of the need for a tool to treat this condition. From the outset, we have looked to provide specialised treatment from the comfort of your own home. We’ve demonstrated through case studies and clinical trials that treatment with the PeriCoach is on par with that of a specialised physiotherapist. For women who can’t access specialised care, can’t afford it, or don’t have the time, PeriCoach can help them achieve the same results. The exercise programs are clinically derived and the shape is developed so that it specifically picks up just the pelvic floor and no muscles around them so that you know that it’s only picking up the muscles that matter.


I personally designed the probe so that it’s comfortable for most women and easy to insert. PeriCoach is the only trainer that will provide you with accurate feedback on each contraction technique. Performing a correct contraction is key to improvement, so women who might be using their butt muscles or their abs or squeezing their legs together, it will be picked up by the algorithm. Most people these days have a smartphone, so this technology is familiar to them and easy to use. We also incorporated online portals so the user can log in and track their progress over time, and they can also share this information with their treating clinicians if they choose. This clinician has their own login and they can use that to remotely monitor the patient so that you don’t have to go in clinic for each review. There are so many features of PeriCoach that I’m sure I haven’t included them all here. We did really go a bit overboard.


Order your PeriCoach today and feel like yourself again.