What Are Some Use Cases of PeriCoach

Who did we envision using PeriCoach? 



When we designed it, we consulted extensively with women’s health specialists to see what they wanted in a tool to treat their patients with. We designed it so that you can partner with your treating clinician if you choose, so that they can remotely monitor your progress through a portal. 


On our website, you can find some links to these case studies of women just like you. We have a 64-year-old schoolteacher with a long history of stress urinary incontinence, even prior to the birth of her two children. After her treatment with PeriCoach, Emma was so happy with her results. She shared tears of relief and happiness at her final consultation. 


Then there’s a 37-year-old mother of three whose main complaint was leaking while running. At the end of her treatment of eight weeks, she reported that she could complete all of her chores on the farm and complete her cardio workout without leaking urine.


Another case study looked at a 63-year-old woman with a pelvic organ prolapse who could stop using a pessary after just three weeks of PeriCoach use. 


Women hitting menopause may be surprised by the changes to their bodies, often experiencing leakages for the first time in their lives. 


Some women just go it alone. They don’t want to see a clinician, but they want the treatment provided by one. 


We have 80-year-olds who are using their smartphone app to get started on the PeriCoach. The Start Wizard guides them through getting set up, and we have a help desk if you need any support.


Order your PeriCoach today and feel like yourself again.