What are the benefits of PeriCoach

The benefit of using PeriCoach is a stronger and more toned pelvic floor.



This means extra bulk to help keep the urethra closed against leaks and better sensation in the bedroom. 

Other benefits include better control of the muscles, so you’re better able to resist the urge to pee and better able to resist increased pressure in the body from coughing and sneezing. 

Increased bulk and strength also mean a reduction in the risk of prolapse. A healthier pelvic floor helps to restore normal positioning. 

Some pregnant women worry that strengthening their pelvic floor before a vaginal delivery will make giving birth more difficult. However, strengthening the pelvic floor does not make it less flexible, and in fact, strong pelvic floor muscles can actually assist in the delivery. 

There are many aging women who worry that their bladder leakage will mean that they end up in residential aged care. It is one of the leading reasons why their caring families or themselves choose to go into a nursing home. 

It is never too late to rehabilitate your pelvic floor. PeriCoach can help women at all stages of life, whether they want to prevent issues down the track, treat their bladder leakage or prolapse, or improve their sexual function.


Order your PeriCoach today and feel like yourself again.