When will I see results

When using PeriCoach, you’ll start to see results after a couple of weeks.



A general feeling of improved confidence will be the first thing you’ll notice, but statistics show that by week three, your pelvic floor will be objectively stronger. By week five, you will see a 50% improvement from your baseline. 


By week three, leakage events and volumes will reduce by more than 30% in over 60% of our users; this means less pads being used, perhaps a lighter pad, and also more time between leaks. 


By the end of the eight-week challenge, most of our users see an 80% improvement in leaks. These are all tangible results, but most women report feeling better in themselves, more self-confident, more optimistic, and just feeling like themselves again in only a couple of weeks.


Order your PeriCoach today and feel like yourself again.