How often do I need to exercise

Because we’re all just so busy with so many balls in the air, we need to know if PeriCoach is the right product for us, which is the exact reason why we designed the eight-week challenge.



The eight week challenge requires you to work out just once per day, five days per week for eight weeks. Each session is three minutes long, so with set up and cleaning, it’s about five minutes out of your day. 

It is the least amount of work for the best outcome. 

Most women exercise around 8:00 PM at night after the kids have been put to bed and you’ve got a little bit of time to yourself. Personally, I like to use the device after I’ve gone to bed and I put the TV on for half an hour. I’m already looking at my phone anyway, so at least I can feel like I’m being productive for five minutes. 

Part of the eight-week challenge is to fill out a bladder diary three times a week and a quality of life survey every couple of weeks so that you can track your progress and provide some motivation to keep going. Consistency is key.


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