How does PeriCoach work?

PeriCoach works by guiding you through different exercise programs, guiding you to squeeze and relax against the probe.



I’d like to say it does the work for you, but unfortunately, just like any muscle, you have actually actively to engage the muscle properly for it to work.


We all like a quick and easy solution, but the way that it works is that it needs to teach you the knack. This is to be able to turn on the pelvic floor, to stop the flow of urine during times of high pressure in the abdomen, such as running or working out, jumping on the trampoline, even picking up your baby or sneezing and coughing. 


It also gives you feedback on your technique. This is important because more than half of women who attempt to contract their pelvic floor do it incorrectly, and the correct technique is imperative to success. 


It also does a quick flex program, which teaches you to turn on your pelvic floor quickly so that you can respond during times of high pressure inside the abdomen, such as coughing or sneezing. 


The app records your activity and monitors your progress, providing you with an objective measure of improvement. Every couple of weeks, you’ll be given a milestone measure, which measures your strength, endurance, and reaction time, which provides some real incentives so that you can try and beat your previous score. 


This consistent, proper activity of exercising your pelvic floor really helps to tone and strengthen so that it gives you bulk and provides you good control of your muscles against the urethra, and also helps with reducing symptoms of prolapse.


Order your PeriCoach today and feel like yourself again.