Your Pelvic Floor & Mental Health

In the same way that a broken leg can leave you feeling frustrated and the flu can leave you feeling
defeated, a weakened pelvic floor often leaves women feeling anxious, shameful and embarrassed. In fact,
32% of Australians struggle with their mental health and well-being due to incontinence, according to the
Continence Foundation of Australia.



As you move through the different stages and ages of life, it is only natural for your body to change. However,
if you’re experiencing shame in the bedroom or anxiety is holding you back, it’s time to look after yourself.

Active body, happier mind

Not only does exercise improve physical well-being, but it also promotes better mental health. Studies show
physical activity increases feel-good hormones and reduces stress hormones in the body, helping to improve
your self-esteem, independence and motivation.

Now, we’re not encouraging you to run a marathon (unless you want to, then go for it); we’re just encouraging
you to think about small, achievable steps. With PeriCoach, you can strengthen and rehabilitate your pelvic
floor in the comfort of your own home. Spending just 3 minutes a day completing your kegel exercises can
help you regain control and feel confident in your body by reducing incontinence symptoms. Our bodies do so
much for us every single day, so it’s important to return the favour and nourish them with nutrients, exercise
and love.


Some of our other favourite ways to boost happy hormones:

– Turn up the music and dance it out

– Grab a coffee and go for a morning walk

– Plan an activity for your next girl’s day, i.e. go for a walk and enjoy a healthy picnic


Squeeze the most out of life

Regular pelvic floor exercises are shown to prevent and treat incontinence in people of all ages, reducing the
condition’s long-term physical and emotional impact. At-home pelvic floor training with PeriCoach helps you
say goodbye to a weak pelvic floor and hello to a stronger you.

Our clinical studies found that women using PeriCoach experienced a significant improvement in their quality
of life and productivity after completing the 8-week challenge, including reduced stress about incontinence,
increased enjoyment of daily life, and heightened sexual pleasure. With daily prompts and real-time
guidance, the PeriCoach app supports you through every squeeze and release to ensure your rehabilitation is
a priority. Set aside 3 minutes a day, and feel the difference for yourself.

Recovery is an attainable goal, and it all starts with seeking support. Start the conversation with your network or speak with your GP today.

Order your PeriCoach today and feel like yourself again