Between The Sheets: Pelvic Floor & Sex

A stack of health benefits go hand-in-hand with an intimate tumble between the sheets – and
we’re talking more than that post-lovemaking glow. While you’re enjoying that special time in the
bedroom, your body is releasing a range of hormones that not only help you feel good but can
decrease the risk of serious health conditions too. Here’s what we’ve uncovered.


Sexual pleasure has been linked to a rise in dopamine and serotonin hormones, a.k.a the fuel that
switches on the happy factory in your brain. These neurotransmitters work to stabilise moods and
send pleasure from your brain to your body, lowering stress and keeping you in a positive mindset.
The release of oestrogen and estrogen is also said to support the production of collagen (hello,
youthful skin) and act as protection from heart disease, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease.
Happy days!


While we can all benefit from a healthy dose of these hormones, the main goal here is enjoyment
and the muscle group that holds the key is the pelvic floor muscles. Building strength in this
muscle group allows you to relax and contract with ease, leading to an enhanced sexual
experience. Sounds pretty good, right? Let’s dive a little deeper.


Get Your Blood Flowing To Reach Arousal

Training your pelvic floor not only tones this important muscle group it also increases the blood
circulation to your clitoris and vagina. As blood flow is linked to arousal and lubrication, your daily
training could be the answer to heightened sensations in the bedroom – which, let’s be real, is
always welcomed.


Improve Your Ability To Orgasm

Okay, hear us out. While this climax may not always be possible during intercourse, studies show
that a stronger pelvic floor can increase the likelihood of reaching orgasm. Exercising this muscle
group (in particular, the pubococcygeal muscle) allows your body to switch on the orgasm button
more easily when the time calls for it. We say if it helps your pleasure train leave the station, why
not jump on board?


Boost Your Body Confidence

Your relationship with your body and sex may ebb and flow throughout different stages of your
life. It’s important to recognise that as your body changes due to pregnancy or menopause, you
may not feel as firm down there or in control of your sexual satisfaction as you had previously.
While these big life changes are to be celebrated, it’s common to encounter feelings of discomfort
– that’s where pelvic floor exercises come into play.

Regaining confidence in the bedroom starts by rehabilitating this muscle group. Training your
pelvic floor through three minutes of daily exercise tones and tighten these muscles, bringing
about better control of contractions during sex and a heightened state of pleasure. The stronger
you feel physically and psychologically, the more self-worth you build. Watch out, world. An
empowered woman is coming through.


The Research Speaks For Itself

While all of these points have merit, we wanted to carry out our own research – and we were blown
away by the results.


Clinical trials indicated that women who use the PeriCoach training program reported a significant
reduction in self-imposed sexual roadblocks (the feelings of shame and fear) and an increase in
their sexual satisfaction – you go, girlfriend!


Those women who experienced bladder leaks due to a weakened pelvic floor also reported a
significant reduction in leaks, thanks to PeriCoach. Less leaks led to greater enjoyment of life’s
daily tasks, including sexual pleasure. These are all good things in our book.


Now that you’ve read the results, we invite you to rethink your three minutes of daily pelvic floor
training as beneficial for your health and a warm-up stretch for a more sexually satisfied, lovedup

Order your PeriCoach today and feel like yourself again.