Pregnancy & Your Pelvic Floor Health

With the joys of pregnancy and motherhood comes a new world of health considerations that many women may not be aware of. Today we’re here to help you understand one of the most common but often overlooked health conditions for mums—bladder leaks.

Regardless of age or health, bladder leaks can affect all women. In fact, one in three women experiences bladder leaks in their life. So, why is that, and what can you do to avoid it? Let’s dive into the facts.

Your pelvic superpower

While your body is working to support a little human, your pelvic floor muscles are under extra pressure to keep your pelvic organs in check. They’re responsible for supporting your lower abdomen during pregnancy and stretching to allow for childbirth, not to mention aiding in pushing your little one into the world. With so many essential jobs on their task list, it’s no wonder the muscles are weakened.

Weak pelvic floor muscles mean they no longer have the strength or control to stop bladder leaks when you laugh, sneeze or cough. Luckily, that uncomfortable situation can be avoided with the guidance of a pelvic floor training program like PeriCoach.

With PeriCoach, women of any age can strengthen and rehabilitate their muscles to feel like themselves again. Whether you’re thinking about having your first child or are preparing for baby number three, there is no better time to start pelvic floor training than now.

Preparing for pregnancy

Your pelvic floor health is so important to keep front of mind for immediate benefits and for when pregnancy is on the horizon.Think of pelvic floor training as preparing for the marathon of childbirth. You may start with a short jog around the block, but over time your exercises will help you grow stronger and build endurance for the big event. Adding three minutes of pelvic floor exercises to your daily self care routine can prepare your muscles to bounce back after the changes of pregnancy. It can also do a world of good to support your health today.

Being stronger down there leads to better posture, enhanced sexual experience and improved bladder control – everything that points to a healthier you.

Post-pregnancy recovery

After you’ve settled into mum life and given yourself some time to heal, your body will need some extra support to recover. One of the most common changes after childbirth is bladder leaks. In fact, 35% of mothers experience it. Fortunately, with the guidance of a pelvic floor training program, your muscles can be strengthened and rehabilitated.

PeriCoach is an at-home pelvic floor trainer designed in consultation with the leaders in women’s health. Research shows that training with PeriCoach provides results on par with specialised clinical treatment. So how long does it take to make a difference? With three minutes of training five times a week for eight weeks, you can feel significant improvements in your pelvic floor strength and eliminate bladder leaks.

Your at-home trainer

Investing in your health all starts with the right guide. PeriCoach’s targeted pelvic floor device and training program has been designed in consultation with women’s health experts for comfort and data accuracy. Best of all, you can exercise in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you and your baby’s routine.Mums, this is your time to say yes to self care and regain the confidence to do all the things you love.

A note during pregnancy

With the guidance of PeriCoach, you can continue with your pelvic floor training during pregnancy if your doctor has advised it is safe to do so. Our device does not deliver any energy into the body, making it the ideal pelvic floor trainer for continued exercise into motherhood and beyond.

Order your PeriCoach today and feel like yourself again.