Be Good to Yourself This Mother’s Day—And Every Day

[title size=”1″ content_align=”left” style_type=”default” sep_color=”” class=”” id=””]Be Good to Yourself This Mother’s Day—And Every Day[/title][fusion_text]Moms are dedicated nurturers, often putting the needs of everyone else in the family before their own. Yet, self-nurturance is just as important, and it’s a skill many moms could stand to brush up on. Why is self-care so important? Well, first and foremost, because you can’t fully care for others if your own needs are neglected, and because running yourself ragged is a recipe for burnout.

Mother’s Day is a reminder of the daily sacrifices you make for your kids and all you do to make their lives better. You deserve some recognition, gosh darn it! So, be good to yourself this Mother’s Day. Here’s how:

Outsource something

A mom’s work is never done—that’s a fact. Take something off your plate, whether it’s housecleaning, grocery shopping, dog walking, or chauffeuring the kids to and from their activities. A personal assistant—even just one day a week—can provide much needed relief for busy moms. Use the extra time to do whatever you want, even if it’s tackling another chore to help put your racing mind at ease.

Give yourself a pep talk

Negative self-talk is so destructive, and yet many of us do it all the time without even realizing it. We think to ourselves, “Why can’t I look like her?”, or “I’m an awful cook”, or “I don’t really deserve a salary increase.” We hate to go all self-help on you (but we will anyway). This Mother’s Day, take some time to think about all you do for your kids and others in your life. Replace the self-criticism with words of encouragement. Repeat to yourself:

“I am smart.”

“I am capable.”

“I am strong.”

“I am beautiful.”

“I am deserving.”

“I am worthy.”

Book time alone

It may seem a bit antithetical to do something alone on the day that your kids and partner are the most motivated to shower you with positive attention, but isn’t some quiet time alone what every mom craves? And, remember, this is your day. Let your family know you’ll be out of reach for a few hours, and do something you love, whether it’s a long run on the beach, gardening, visiting an art gallery, or binge-watching your favorite Netflix show.

Go on a date

Spend Time Alone or Go on a Date on Mother's Day

How long has it been since you’ve been on a real date with your spouse/partner? Do something completely different this Mother’s Day: Forego the oh-so-thoughtful-but-barely-edible breakfast in bed, book a sitter, and have an “us night” with the love of your life. And, if a post-outing romp in the hay is in the cards, so be it!

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Mother’s Day is your day. Be good to yourself, and know that you’re worth it. Cheers, to moms everywhere—humanity would be lost without you.