How Kegels Can Lead to Better Sex

How Kegels Can Lead to Better Sex

Sexual dysfunction such as low libido, the struggle to achieve orgasms, and leaking urine during sex are common issues women often won’t discuss with their healthcare providers. Many stay silent even with their friends or with their partner out of embarrassment. It’s a myth that a healthy sex life can’t exist after children and/or menopause!

In fact, sex is proven in research to be good for your health! Benefits of a regular sex life include: better heart health, pain relief (even from menstrual cramps), more sleep, stress reduction, and regular sessions between the sheets can make even you look younger!

couple looks at each otherSo Now What?

The good news is that regular pelvic floor exercises can help – studies suggest that the strength of our pelvic floor may be related to increased sensation as well as sexual satisfaction. Stronger muscles are equal to stronger orgasms.  , Also, by learning how to relax your pelvic floor in between squeezes can allow for your vagina to be more open – this, in turn, decreases pain associated with sexual intercourse. Combined with increased lubrication and as well as arousal – there’s never been a better reason to do your daily kegels.

It’s important to note that sexual health encompasses mental and emotional health as well as physical health. Lack of sleep (hello, moms!), relationship strains, and many other life stressors can all have an impact on your sex life.


While regular sessions with your PeriCoach can help with the physical aspect, it’s important to take time to evaluate your overall wellness. In a recent survey, both short and long-term PeriCoach users reported greater sexual satisfaction and mood. In further assessment, as part of our clinical trial, women with UI were monitored on their sexual satisfaction during the course of 20 weeks.  The group using the PeriCoach experienced significant improvement in sexual satisfaction.  This was due largely to their reduction in fear and shame of leaking during intercourse.  While their counterparts actually had reduced satisfaction.

If that isn’t enough to convince you; in 2016, the US Food and Drug Administration clarified that the use of the PeriCoach may help treat sexual dysfunction as well as bladder leaks.

couple in bedWhat are you waiting for?

Commit to using PeriCoach over the next 6 weeks, once a day.  It’s just 5 minutes a day dedicated to YOU.  If helpful, jot down some notes in a private journal – what works and what doesn’t. If leaking urine during sex is a concern, try bringing a towel to bed and just laugh it off.  We can all agree with relationship experts: sex is a healthy part of life and well worth the effort.


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Source: Everyday Health