PeriCoach: Technologically-Advanced Kegel Exerciser Now Available OTC

PeriCoach: Technologically-Advanced Kegel Exerciser Now Available OTC

The FDA-cleared PeriCoach pelvic floor exerciser, once available by prescription only, is now available over-the-counter (OTC). PeriCoach is an insertable pelvic floor biofeedback device that guides women in properly performing Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. Improved pelvic floor strength can help prevent, reduce, or eliminate urinary incontinence (UI), a common but underreported problem in women.

PeriCoach provides visual feedback via the paired smartphone app to help women track their progress over time. In just two minutes a day, PeriCoach can help alleviate symptoms of UI, reduce problems associated with mild pelvic organ prolapse, and even boost sexual arousal.

Let’s look at why strong pelvic floor muscles are important for a woman’s health, explore how PeriCoach works, and discover the advantages of using this innovative Kegel exerciser device.

The Pelvic Floor: An Important Part of the Body’s Core

Strong abdominal and pelvic floor muscles are important throughout life, but especially before, during, and after pregnancy, and after menopause. These muscles help pregnant women push effectively during labor, and a strong pelvic floor reduces the likelihood of post-natal urinary incontinence. It makes sense that pelvic floor strength is important around pregnancy, but why menopause?

The simple answer is: hormones.

When women reach menopause, their ovaries stop producing estrogen, which can lead to:

  • Thinning of the urethra
  • Reduced elasticity of vaginal tissue
  • Weakened pelvic floor muscles

Even with hormone replacement therapy, it’s still important for menopausal women to perform regular Kegel exercises.

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The PeriCoach System: Technologically-Advanced Pelvic Floor Exerciser

Similar to popular fitness trackers today, PeriCoach is embedded with biofeedback sensors that detect when the user is squeezing against the device and how much pressure she exerts with each squeeze, and then beams that data to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth.

Users simply install the PeriCoach app on their smartphone, sync up the device with the Start-Up Wizard, and voila—the device is ready to use! Data is sent to the app and is also accessible on the PeriCoach website.

With PeriCoach, users are guided through their pelvic floor exercises and, at the end of each session, they see their results compared to the results from their last session. Users can set and meet pelvic floor exercise goals and track their progress over time. Best of all, users have the option of using the device either lying down or standing up.

The PeriCoach System

Advantages of Using PeriCoach


Once available by submitting a prescription only, PeriCoach is now available directly at This dramatic increase in accessibility means that more women can enjoy the benefits of improved pelvic floor strength and all it implies—improved bladder control, enhanced sexual arousal and intimacy, and greater confidence.


At just $299 (US), £145 (UK), and $298 (AUS), the cost of PeriCoach is comparable to that of many advanced fitness trackers, yet the technologically-sophisticated Kegel biofeedback device is an entirely different kind of fitness tracker—one for your pelvic floor!

Provides Visual Guidance

Pericoach uses graphics to let users know when to squeeze and relax. Users can also see their contractions via a moving line on the app. After each session, the app displays information about the user’s performance and compares it to their last session. Results are automatically uploaded to the PeriCoach website, so users can see their complete history.

Increases Accountability

Like popular fitness trackers, the PeriCoach system enables users to track pelvic floor exercise goals with different built-in programs and levels, and helps users stay on target each and every day. PeriCoach enables users to track their progress over time and share that information with their pelvic floor physician.

FDA-Cleared and Physician-Recommended

The PeriCoach system has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration and—unlike many devices that claim to assist with bladder leakage with no supporting clinical evidence—PeriCoach is both physician recommended and clinically proven to help reduce the incidence and severity of urinary incontinence.

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Promotes Enhanced Sexual Arousal and Experience

Since the pelvic floor muscles surround the entire vagina, strong pelvic floor muscles can lead to increased sensitivity during sex and more intense orgasms. Strong Kegel muscles can also help with arousal and lead to a better sexual experience overall. Ultimately, strong pelvic floor muscles can enhance intimacy for both the users of PeriCoach and their partners.

Provides Bladder Diary Tracker (NOW AVAILABLE)

The PeriCoach Bladder Diary feature allows users to track their fluid intake and number of voids, leaks, and pads used per day. Tracking the amount and type (soda, water, alcohol) of fluids consumed is especially important, since drinking habits can have a dramatic impact on a woman’s leaking episodes; this is especially true of drinks containing caffeine and alcohol, which are stimulants.

The Bladder Diary also enables users to ensure they are drinking an adequate amount of water to prevent dehydration, which is especially important around exercise. Tracking voids/time of toilet use helps PeriCoach users become more aware of their bathroom patterns—a key element of bladder retraining.

Monitoring leak episodes helps users identify patterns and triggers, as well as their progress in reducing leakage episodes with regular pelvic floor exercise. Keeping a log of pads used enables users to see a direct correlation between improvement in pelvic floor strength and reduced pad usage.

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Take Control of Your Health—Get the Physician-Recommended PeriCoach Today

PeriCoach can help you address symptoms of UI and mild prolapse you may be currently experiencing, and it can help prevent problems associated with both urinary and fecal incontinence down the line. An investment in PeriCoach is an investment in your health and overall well-being.

Begin stregthening your pelvic floor today!