PeriCoach Pelvic Health Professionals

PeriCoach provides clear visual feedback on PFM contraction. Along with web portal monitoring this device is a valuable tool in increasing patient effort and adherence to PFM exercises – which we know results in improved patient outcomes.

We know PFM exercises improve SUI and POP symptoms. Adherence to the exercise program is one of the only variables associated with success. PeriCoach is a tool which can increase adherence to PFM exercises thru the use of the device and web portal monitoring. Therapists are able to “check in” on patients using a simple, secure web portal and can encourage (via email in the notes section, text, phone) continued commitment to the exercises.

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Download our Quick Start Guide.

Short booklet of images and text to assist with initial set up and use of the PeriCoach System.

Download a PeriCoach System Outline.

4 page pamphlet outlining the system, providing a tool to help identify a PeriCoach patient and details of the exercise programs.