2108, 2018

PeriCoach® Real-World Data Analysis Reveals Statistically and Clinically Significant Reduction in Incontinence Symptoms Within 3 Weeks

PeriCoach® Real-World Data Analysis Reveals Statistically and Clinically Significant Reduction in Incontinence Symptoms Within 3 Weeks
August 21, 2018

Independent US-based biostatistician analyses PeriCoach version 3 real-world data.
At the conclusion of the “8 Week Challenge”, more than 75% of users have at least 80% reduction in leakage volume and episodes, a highly meaningful and significant improvement in continence symptoms.

2102, 2017

PeriCoach® Clinical Trial Reveals Marked Improvement in Quality of Life, Sexual Function and Continence

Analysis of PeriCoach clinical trial data shows significant improvements in quality of life and sexual function, in conjunction with reduced urinary incontinence and improved pelvic floor strength.
510, 2016

MediGroup EBI Stracos 3D Rib Clip Wins Kerrin Rennie Award

Chelsea Cornelius was announced as the winner of the Outstanding Achievement Award, recognizing a significant and outstanding contribution to the development of medical technology.
408, 2016

FDA expands use of PeriCoach at-home pelvic floor trainer device and smartphone app for sexual health

The US Food and Drug Administration has clarified use of the PeriCoach home pelvic floor strengthening system to include applications of improved sexual sensation and satisfaction as well as increased orgasm potential for women.
1307, 2016

FDA approves PeriCoach® pelvic floor trainer for sale over-the-counter in the United States

PeriCoach is very proud to announce that our leading pelvic floor muscle trainer and app is now cleared for OTC sale in the United States. Download the full press release or read direct from PR Newswire.
403, 2016

Opinion leaders in women’s health physical therapy said they would recommend PeriCoach®

Ten pelvic health physical therapists (PTs) used PeriCoach and completed a questionnaire as part of a PT Experience program. Ten out of ten PTs indicated an overall positive experience with PeriCoach and all would recommend it to their patients.
2611, 2015

Sexual Dysfunction Feedback

After conducting a survey of PeriCoach users, Analytica announces that their clients' feedback indicates increased sexual satisfaction after strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles through kegel exercises
2306, 2015

PeriCoach, New FDA-Approved Pelvic Floor Training System for Women, Now Available

One in three women over age 18 experiences involuntary urine leakage and PeriCoach is now FDA approved and available to help.
2306, 2015

Act Now, Enjoy Later! Be PeriCoach Smart and Take Control of Your Pelvic Floor

The benefits of strengthening your pelvic floor cannot be understated and yet they often are! Don't delay, get a PeriCoach and start your kegel exercises today.
405, 2015

PeriCoach US Approval

Now that the Food and Drug Administration have given Analytica 501K Clearance, The PeriCoach system will be marketed in the United States for purchase with a perscription.