1301, 2016

FDA Labels Pelvic Mesh as a High Risk Medical Device

CBS News reports on the FDA's decision to label pelvic mesh a "high-risk" medical device and delves into the surgical alternatives (and PeriCoach is one of them).
1301, 2016

FDA Cracks Down on Transvaginal Mesh Devices Amid Safety Concerns

Emily Wasserman of Fierce Medical Devices walks you through the FDA's crack down on transvaginal mesh devices in the wake of mounting safety concerns.
1301, 2016

PeriCoach System Review

Michelle from the blog What Mummy Thinks has reviewed The PeriCoach System and has lots of wonderful things to say about this fantastic pelvic floor strengthening device.
1310, 2015

I Finally Found a Personal Trainer – The PeriCoach

Eva from The Multitasking Woman loves the easy-to-use and guess-work free PeriCoach kegel exerciser. Women: you don't have to leak anymore!
709, 2015

Leakers Anonymous – Video Short

Do you leak when you laugh, run, sneeze, or Zumba? See how the Pericoach can help you! WARNING: This video will cause laughter. Leakers, prepare yourself before watching…
3007, 2015

Leading the field in delicate but smart advertising

John Beveridge of The Herald Sun lauds Analytica for their use of humor in marketing The PeriCoach System.
2307, 2015

The PeriCoach

Hula Hooping Mom takes a look at the Bluetooth enabled, mobile friendly PeriCoach kegel device.
2307, 2015

Feeling Kegel Frustrated? Now there’s PeriCoach

Barbara Younger with Friend for the Ride tries The PeriCoach System for herself and shares her thoughts.
2307, 2015

Do You Pee a Little When You Laugh or Sneeze? Let’s Get Honest!

Thrifty Nifty Mommy's Janessa is a mother of 4 and found The PeriCoach System very effective for strengthening her pelvic floor muscles which were naturally weakened by pregnancy.
2306, 2015

Six Tips for a Problem you can Fix

GP and presenter for Channel 4 series, Embarrassing Bodies, Dr Pixie McKenna shares her advice and tips on how to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.