2809, 2016

Better Orgasms? I Love to Say I Told You So…

Danielle, Keeping Up With The Holdsbys, shares her witty and fun journey to greater pelvic health resulting in the fringe benefit of enhanced sexual satisfaction through using PeriCoach.
2809, 2016

Diapers for Adults: Should You Fix or Hide Incontinence?

Far more promising are new devices such as PeriCoach that are designed to replicate what a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist does. Dr Lauren Streicher discusses PeriCoach.
1409, 2016

Better Kegels with the PeriCoach Can Lead to Better Sex

Most women know that Kegel exercises can help prevent leaking urine, but did you know that they can also enhance sexual function. Find out how from Nurse Barb.
1309, 2016

Helpful Technology for Older Patients

Nearly two-thirds of American adults own a smartphone. Find out how apps, including PeriCoach, can help you manage your health.
1008, 2016

High Tech Kegel Exercises with PeriCoach

Nurse Barb details the features of using PeriCoach along with her personal experience.
1907, 2016

PeriCoach, a Pelvic Floor Exercises for Women Now Available Without Prescription

The PeriCoach has now been cleared by the FDA for over-the-counter sale in the United States. Medgadget shares the details.
1907, 2016

How to Improve Your Bladder Control

A weak bladder might be more common than hay fever, but it's still a taboo topic. The Daily Mail discusses this and PeriCoach.
1907, 2016

Pelvic Floor use it or lose it!

Over 9 million women suffer from urinary incontinence but exercise can make it a thing of the past. Fighting Fifty talks to Becky Aston and Lucy Teear.
1907, 2016

Genital Gadgets, coochi computers and robot…

A gadget that can tell you are doing the exercises correctly, encourage you to remember to do them and record your progress. Read Gussie Grips' PeriCoach review here.
1503, 2016

Ladies, at last you can get back on the trampoline

Peta Bee of The Times discusses the stigma of talking about a weak pelvic floor and offers solutions to help reverse this common problem.