1906, 2017

What do the icons after each repetition mean?

The tick/cross/question mark that appears after each rep for Version 3 users indicates how good your technique was for that rep. Good squeeze technique is vital to improving muscle strength so if you continue to receive crosses you may want to consult a clinician for advice….

  = good technique

  = suggests improvement needed

= technique performance could not be determined […]

2001, 2016

Can holding my breath affect my pelvic floor contraction readings?

Yes.  Holding your breath can cause abdominal muscles to contract and increase intra-vaginal pressure which may result in skewing your pelvic floor muscle performance.  Consciously inhale, exhale then breathe normally as you press start on an exercise session, and squeeze and lift your pelvic floor muscles as guided by the programmed sessions.

706, 2015

How do I change my account password?

Login to your portal located at pericoach.com/user and select Account Details tab. Select Change Password and enter new password accordingly, press Save.

706, 2015

I have forgotten my username and/or password, what do I do?

Ensure that you have finalised your registration via the email link that was initially sent to you when you signed up for PeriCoach. Head to your portal, pericoach.com/user, and underneath the login username and password fields is a Forgot Password link. Click on this and follow the prompts. You must use the same email and date of birth that you […]

706, 2015

The sensor won’t turn on.

Place the sensor in the charging case for 2-3 hours to ensure it is fully charged, then try turning on again according to the User Instructions. The green light will turn on. If the sensor still doesn’t power on, please contact our help team on 1800 016 794.

706, 2015

My mobile phone won’t connect to my sensor.

Refer to “Setting up PeriCoach” in the Instructions for Use for how to connect the phone and sensor. If you are still having trouble, you may need to pair the phone and probe using the phone settings: Go to Bluetooth in your phones settings – Settings > Wireless and Networks > Bluetooth > Bluetooth Settings Select Scan for Devices (ensure […]

706, 2015

I can’t connect to my history on my mobile phone.

Ensure your phone is able to connect to the internet by checking your mobile data or wifi setting on the phone. It needs to be switched to “on”. Ensure you are logged into the app. If still no connection you may need to check your mobile plan with your internet provider.

706, 2015

My clinician can’t see my health info/exercise data.

Check that they have registered with PeriCoach (see pericoach.com for details). Ensure you have requested that they be granted access via your “Clinician Details” tab in your Patient Portal. Check that they have accepted your request and have been authorised with their unique code. If they still can’t see your details please contact our help team on 1800 016 794.

706, 2015

I want to use the PeriCoach, but I don’t want my clinician to see my results. Is this possible?

Yes. You choose not to select a clinician in the registration process, and only you will be able to see your results. If you have already selected a clinician and would like to cancel this, you may “De-authorise” that clinician at any time by visiting the “Clinician Details” tab in your Patient Portal.

706, 2015

Can I share my PeriCoach with a friend?

No. The PeriCoach is a single-user product. Multiple patient use will corrupt your recorded exercise history, invalidate your product warranty, and render you ineligible for treatment guarantees and reimbursement.